The New Version of Google Analytics

Have you seen the redesigned interface of Google Analytics? Well, the new version is not just about that. Watch out for the significant new features!

Aside from easy exploration of site data, here are the top features of the new Google Analytics:

1. Google Analytics Real-Time
Get updated report through Real-Time reporting! With each pageview being refreshed every second, you’ll be able to see the actual traffic trends.

Google Analytics Real-Time
Google Analytics Real-Time

2. Multi-Channel Funnels
You’ll be able to see the most effective and efficient channels for your campaign. The conversions for each display advertising, organic search, referral, paid search or direct visit area also displayed.

Multi-Channel Funnels
Multi-Channel Funnels

3. Mobile Reporting
Track the interaction of your mobile visitors with your websites. You can also see which mobile devices are being used by your customers to browse the web. This means that you can optimize your content or entire website for this kind of device.

Mobile Reporting
Mobile Reporting

4. Flow Visualization
Do you want an easy-to-interpret data representation of your site statistics? This Flow Visualization feature will graphically show how visitors navigate through your sites.

Flow Visualization

Experience the goodness of redesigned navigation tools in your Google Analytics account!

*Images courtesy of Google Analytics newsletter

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