The Google Penguin Update

Before it was Google Panda, now it is about Google Penguin. Haven you heard the latest about it? Well, the emphasis is on over optimization. It also covers web spam and empty content pages.

So whatever website you are managing or trying to optimize it is better to know what this Google Penguin update is all about to minimize impact. The first argument is about spam versus over optimization. This happens a lot on SEO websites alone compared to dating sites like Wokingham dating website. Money-making sites also have a tough competition in the first page. I’ve read in one forum, the Warrior Forum that the number one spot is actually an empty page – no posts. How did it happen? Hopefully, the most recent Google Penguin update can fix it and drop its ranking especially that it is of no significant value to users.

Since this is just a new update, it would be helpful if all of us can provide feedback about it.

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