Stay Away from Risky SEO Methods

GoogleBot continues to become smarter and now those who are overly doing SEO are about to get penalized. Abused of keywords and the so-called over optimization will be looked closely to give ranking priority on quality sites. This means that everything should be done in moderation from now on.

Should you stop optimizing your sites or pages? No one is telling you to stop. But just be mindful of your actions since illegal strategies will definitely hurt your ranking. You should stay away from these methods that spell trouble:

  • automated link exchange program which source backlinks from thousands of websites
  • tools that create multiple profiles on forums with a link back to your sites
  • automated keyword tool that creates keyword-rich pages
  • paid links

Most automated strategies are tagged as spam by Google. So the best way to deal with these changes is to keep practicing safe SEO methods. White-had SEO can improve your ranking in a guilt-free manner. It also guarantees you that you can keep your ranking as long as you are not drifting away from good practices.

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