Developing Mobile Presence

  • Mobile Website

-In this way, one creates a separate version of a website, a mobile version specifically. It is most commonly tagged with an subdomain. This type contains less content as compared to the full website version but is nonetheless suited for mobile browsing.


  1. Flexibility

-With a mobile version of a site, the maker can easily design the site in an accessible manner in which only relevant information which can be of help to users will be installed.

  1. Analytics

-This suggests that the creation of a mobile site reduces Internet traffic especially when tons of users are trying to access a specific website.


  1. Hard to cover all bases

-Not all phones can easily access mobile websites. This poses a real problem since it is indeed a fact that a particular site won’t be able to serve all types of users due to their mobile unit constraints.

  1. Requires maintenance

-A website won’t be able to attract users and would not be successful if it won’t be updated regularly. And so, this serves as a disadvantage because maintaining a site asks for an enormous amount of time and ideas to be able to be of help to others.

  • Responsive web design

-It is a new method wherein a particular site is coded to become usable to several users with different types of devices. It automatically adjusts its design and content as specified in the handheld device used by the user.


  1. Easy implementation
  2. Easy maintenance


  1. Requires devices to support CSS media queries
  2. Initiates a major re-designing of a site’s layout
  • Mobile App

-It is said to be the user-friendliest among other methods and has the highest success rate. At this point in time, it can be considered as mobile’s newest contribution to society which is also highly in demand nowadays.


  1. Total winner

-Mobile apps perform way better than mobile websites.

  1. Great for branding

                -It enables a company to establish its image and to reach mobile audiences in

                a wide range of network.


  1. Costly
  2. Employs extra effort for the user
  • Local and Social

-Both local and social searches create an advantageous effect for a company. The more searchable it is, the farther and the larger people would it reach. One thing is that it needs a third party, for example, Google Local, which would help a designer to add locations on a site or app.


  1. Cost-effective
  2. Applicable both for desktops and cell phones


  1. Dependent upon a third party platform
  2. Limited flexibility
  • Offer-oriented Mobile Web presence

-For marketing purposes, this enables one to advertise his or her product or business in a larger scale.


  1. Entails low budget
  2. Maintenance is not needed


  1. No assets produced

-After all the promotions and campaigns, nothing would be left except for the clients earned. This is what makes this method different from the rest since the other would have sites or apps that can be redesigned or remodelled.

  1. Short-term branding value

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