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Tips In Link Building This Year 2014

It is already the year 2014 and it is getting more and more difficult to increase the ranks and statistics of websites due to various factors that are being considered by search engines. And one of the more challenging tasks that a webmaster should dedicate his or her time to is building links. So what can webmasters do to be able to effectively build links this year 2014?

Recognize Google: A number of webmasters are considering the idea of stopping link building just so as to lessen the chances of being penalized by Google penguin. But the truth is that link building will always remain to be a very significant factor when it comes to improving your website’s ranking with regard to SERP this year 2014. Link building will continue to remain as an important factor when it comes to Google’s algorithm. If webmasters want more website visibility then they have to work on link building. 

Relevance: The problem with a number of websites out there is that they have content that is irrelevant with what the niche of their website. The initial idea of having one link to your website being equivalent to one vote algorithm has already developed as the years went by particularly in the year of 2012 in the month of May when the Knowledge Graph was introduced.            This is the system utilized by Google to gather relevant information across the internet. It utilizes semantic-search information and more than five hundred billion objects coupled with 3.5 billion facts. 

Refrain from Link Scheming: It is important that webmasters are aware of the difference between link scheming and link building. The list below are some of the activities that Google considers as link scheming and any webmaster practicing the following can expect to have his webpage penalized by Google: 

  • Buying And Selling Of Links That Pass Page Ranks Of Websites
  • Utilizing Programs Or Services That Are Automated To Make Links To Your Site
  • Link Building Just For The Sole Reason Of Building A Network Of Links
  • Utilizing Press Releases That Are Rich With Anchor Text As Well As Distributing Them

Though it has been recently removed from link building guidelines, the act of inserting links in articles without much relevance to the content of the article, as well as linking pages to web spammers or irrelevant sites just to be able to increase the chances of having a good page rank can still impose a penalty from Google. If you need to gain immediate backlinks and would like to hire some SEO services, you may consider

Penguin 1.1 is Now Live

What does Penguin 1.1 mean to you? Well, it’s some sort of Google update that can once again make or break you. Webmasters have been revising their SEO strategies to cope with these changes. Some are working on link removal campaigns while others are trimming their keyword-stuffed content.

The first Penguin algo data refresh is known to affect less than 0.1% of English searches. However, it’s impact on SERP can be sometimes alarming to webmasters.  There are those people who suddenly dropped their rankings. Unfortunately, there’s nothing else they can do about it unless they try to please Google. And how would you please someone who you don’t really know? For a start, dealing with these changes can be easy if you understand and follow Google TOS. And one no-brainer thing to do is to write what you love.

Focus on your content, not on backlinking. I mean, not yet. Focus on something that you’re passionate about because it means a lifetime income. No matter how many times Google updates its algorithing, as long as you love what you’re writing, no one can stopped you since you’re writing for you and your readers sake and not just for the search engine. And this Penguin update loves that part. It is more on the natural flow of the content and not manipulated keyword-stuffed posts.

The SEO Benefits of Being Friends with Pinterest

When you are working towards driving traffic toward your business page, there are a lot of factors that you have to consider. You have to consider the social networking channels that you utilize that can potentially drive traffic, the content of your business page, the keywords that you optimize for your SEO campaign and many more. Though being able to utilize these channels can greatly increase the chances of generating traffic to your website, you need more channels that you can benefit from. At the same time, these channels should be as effective as the way you utilize them.

And this is where the two-year old social bookmarking website Pinterest comes in. As mentioned, it is a social bookmarking website which allows you to pin links as well as pictures that you find in the internet. Basically, you create an account and have a pin board where you can pin your items. These pins can be categorized as food, interior design, gadgets and many more. Through this, you can connect to people and at the same time, drive traffic through your website. The more you pin links, the more people will connect to you and the more people that do, the more traffic you can generate.

At the same time, these people can be potential clients since they will stumble upon your website after they click your pin. Furthermore, just like with twitter, you can also repin other people’s items. The great thing about Pinterest is that joining it is for free and you do not need to spend money when you pin something on your pin board.

In addition to these aforementioned benefits, utilizing Pinterest in your SEO campaign can be through, but not limited to, using Pin it Buttons, Backlink Building, Branding, and Keyword Strategy. Pin it buttons is a widget available in Pinterest that you can insert in your webpage. People who visit your business or blog page can then click on your web pin and pin it on their pin board. This makes Pinterest an even more effective way of marketing your business.

Since Pinterest is a big website, it continues to be indexed by search engines. Posting more pins means the more chance that you can generate traffic through your website thus you build more backlinks. You can also create a business Pinterest page which shows majority of your business’ products and services which in turn people can re-pin on their boards. Truly, Pinterest is a beneficial site for all webmasters alike.

Easy 3-Way Link Exchange

3-way link exchange is way better than 2-way link exchange. It is because your site is being referenced by another website which is not present on your blog roll. While some people find 3-way link exchange to be challenging, it is quick and easy with BC Bloggers!


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