Understanding the Evolution of Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization: SEO Evolution
SEO Evolution

Just like any other process, search engine optimization also continuously evolves so marketing strategies need to be adjusted from time to time. There are lots of updates lately such as page rank, domain authority, website reputation and more. Social media also played a very important role in achieving SEO success.

To keep a competitive edge, it is important to ensure high rankings through the new techniques. Organic web strategies can greatly help in keeping a good position in search engine result pages. Factors such as content, local search and social search as just some of the few indicators that you have to consider.

Nowadays, online presence can be felt through social networking sites. Even people do some social search from time to time. With Facebook, Tumblr and other bookmarking sites, it is easy to promote products and services now. What more, to share the good things about a new or upcoming websites.

With Google Panda, link farms and web scrapers are being ranked down so it is your time to shine. Publish quality content for your webpages to be easily indexed by Google. This can boost traffic and convert your visitors into sales.

Other SEO practices that you must keep doing includes onsite optimization, blog commenting, social bookmarking, email marketing and article submission. Do everything in moderation and this can also improve site’s reputation. Your online marketing success does not solely depend on the SEO tools out there but also on your own execution.

Improve SERP through Proven SEO Techniques

Establishing a business nowadays has become more of a challenge especially that competition in the market is really tight. With the invention of internet technology, you have to find ways to use it to your advantage if you plan to be successful in your business and have staying power. In addition to online advertising, you should be able to utilize search engine optimization. Search Engine Optimization is basically the technique of being able to make it on the top five list of a search engine results page.

In order for you to be able to be on the first search results, you have to employ the keywords commonly used by people who utilize search engines. By inserting these keywords in your website, the chance that your page shows up whenever these prospective customers conduct a search increases. However, you also have to keep in mind that you cannot sacrifice the content of your page just to put keywords in your site. Your keywords should be relevant to your website or else you will risk having search engines like Google label your site as spam.

Blogging, writing articles, taking advantage of paid advertisements and leaving backlinks in forums and other trustworthy websites like government related websites or educational websites are but a few effective methods that you can employ to increase your rank in search engine results page. But perhaps the most important thing that you have to remember is that you are not the only implementing this system. Expect your competitors to do it too and by observing how they optimize the search engine can also be a big help in strategizing.

Free SEO eBook: SEO-LEX

In SEO, not everything is costly. Though there are search engine optimization techniques that require you to shell out money, some of the tools and information are free. Take for example the SEO-LEX, a free ebook consisting 40 pages of strong SEO knowledge. It explains how the search engines view and interpret your websites so you’ll have an idea on how to boost your webpage ranking.

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Invest on SEO-Friendly Content

Just how many websites do we have online right now? In The fall of 2006 there was around 100 000 000 web-sites. By May 2007 this particular number of websites elevated to over 118 000 000, according to Netcraft.com. Imagine the ratio of websites compared to PC users. Does this site get enough traffic? If they have poor site content, maybe not. If their particular content fails to incorporate very well researched and essential keywords that are friendly to search engines, then the chances of being find through search engine is pretty low. Thus, the need for seo-friendly content.

SEO-friendly content are highly searchable than others because there is a target keyword in the article. And one the online searcher type that keyword as he search on the web, your site might be possibly displayed in the top pages. Each visitor that you get might buy your products or use the services you are trying to provide. It depends on the nature of your business. If it is just an informative site, then, you can still earn from unique visitors since advertisers will always go for frequently visited websites.

How can you attract more visitors to your site then?

As mentioned earlier, by investing in mostly-searched keywords that falls under your niche. Remember, irrelevant keywords won’t do any good to your website. Plus, it can ruin your site content if you post irrelevant topics. Users who stumbled upon your site would definitely love to see what they are looking for. Misleading content does not attract visitors. While linkbaiting works in some occasion, it still depends on how smart you are in providing the information and using this technique.

When incorporating keywords, consider the keyword density. It must not go above 5% to keep it pleasing to the searchbots. You can also play around key phrases to emphasize your keywords without being redundant. Always produce quality content and insert relevant keyword to drive traffic to your sites. It is one of the best search engine optimization strategies.