SEO 2018: Basic Tips That Will Never Get Old

Through the years, we’ve made the most out of the internet’s search engine. What’s not to like about it? With the information found at the tip of your fingers, using a search engine is always helps in various day to day tasks. While most individuals can easily locate the information they want, certain companies are still geared to appearing on the first page of the results. Search engine optimization or SEO is a very much sought after skill to making a brand known.

SEO 2018

A lot can be done to find yourself on the first page of Google results but the metrics for the search engine changes dynamically. How SEO worked in 2012 wouldn’t be the same in 2018 but there are still some things to consider that never changed through the years.

Linkbuilding is very much still a thing despite how many years it’s been. However, it’s always a good idea to build relevant links. You don’t want to jump to random niche and end up souring up the interest of your audience. Make worthwhile content that is relatable to one another to maintain a good traffic or gain more.

Quality of your content wins the masses. It’s been said in the previous paragraph how your content should be relevant when linked. It’s also very important to have write-ups, photos and even videos in your blog or website that relate to your brand or your content. Get rid of lackluster or shallow blogs and replace them with those that have a greater value to one’s knowledge. Individuals would want to visit information blogs than those that linger on short-term gossip.

If you’re a listicle, make great use of numbers. most individuals click on links that have numbers listed. This is especially helpful for blogs that want to enumerate beauty tips, guides and even travel information.

Proper Usage Of SEO

Search Engine Optimization has enabled websites to increase traffic because of higher search results status in search engine websites such as Google and Yahoo. If you want to have success in your website with SEO, there are several things you need to know about it.

Yes, there are different techniques when it comes to Google and other search engines. They consistently improve or change their algorithms over time. With that in mind, you should know that some of the things that may work in the present may not work in the future anymore. Keep yourself updated for different SEO strategies to have a better result for your website. Find the best SEO agency that can deliver results.

If you think spam will not affect your website badly at all, well you are wrong. Google can detect new spam tricks. Having them in your website can result to penalties from different search engines like Google or Yahoo. Instead of creating higher ranking of your website, you can lose money and time here if you spam there. Take note that getting a higher ranking in search engine results doesn’t happen overnight. It takes quite a lot of time to get your rankings to where it was before. The wisest thing to do is to not do spamming at all.

Website contents are the most important thing you need to focus on your website. Therefore, it should offer valuable contents to have higher traffic in search engines. Don’t merely think of how search engines can help your websites but always prioritize creating good, quality contents that your readers will want to check every so often. Pinpoint your target market and get to know what their interests are. This will help you know what to put in your website. Have a comment box where your loyal following can comment, ask or inquire. Interact with them.

Low quality content will definitely hurt your websites’ ranking and popularity. Readers don’t want to use or visit websites that don’t provide them valuable information and are a waste of their precious time. Always make your web pages look interesting to readers. Have various posts there that are a mix of articles, videos, pictures and links.

Don’t get sidetrack by marketing trends that are new like Pinterest, Microblogs or Twitter. They can help your website but the real content of your main domain is what will matter most and make it stand out in search engine results. Social media campaigns that lack effort can hurt your website instead of helping it gain popularity.

Tips In Link Building This Year 2014

It is already the year 2014 and it is getting more and more difficult to increase the ranks and statistics of websites due to various factors that are being considered by search engines. And one of the more challenging tasks that a webmaster should dedicate his or her time to is building links. So what can webmasters do to be able to effectively build links this year 2014?

Recognize Google: A number of webmasters are considering the idea of stopping link building just so as to lessen the chances of being penalized by Google penguin. But the truth is that link building will always remain to be a very significant factor when it comes to improving your website’s ranking with regard to SERP this year 2014. Link building will continue to remain as an important factor when it comes to Google’s algorithm. If webmasters want more website visibility then they have to work on link building. 

Relevance: The problem with a number of websites out there is that they have content that is irrelevant with what the niche of their website. The initial idea of having one link to your website being equivalent to one vote algorithm has already developed as the years went by particularly in the year of 2012 in the month of May when the Knowledge Graph was introduced.            This is the system utilized by Google to gather relevant information across the internet. It utilizes semantic-search information and more than five hundred billion objects coupled with 3.5 billion facts. 

Refrain from Link Scheming: It is important that webmasters are aware of the difference between link scheming and link building. The list below are some of the activities that Google considers as link scheming and any webmaster practicing the following can expect to have his webpage penalized by Google: 

  • Buying And Selling Of Links That Pass Page Ranks Of Websites
  • Utilizing Programs Or Services That Are Automated To Make Links To Your Site
  • Link Building Just For The Sole Reason Of Building A Network Of Links
  • Utilizing Press Releases That Are Rich With Anchor Text As Well As Distributing Them

Though it has been recently removed from link building guidelines, the act of inserting links in articles without much relevance to the content of the article, as well as linking pages to web spammers or irrelevant sites just to be able to increase the chances of having a good page rank can still impose a penalty from Google. If you need to gain immediate backlinks and would like to hire some SEO services, you may consider

Developing Mobile Presence

  • Mobile Website

-In this way, one creates a separate version of a website, a mobile version specifically. It is most commonly tagged with an subdomain. This type contains less content as compared to the full website version but is nonetheless suited for mobile browsing.


  1. Flexibility

-With a mobile version of a site, the maker can easily design the site in an accessible manner in which only relevant information which can be of help to users will be installed.

  1. Analytics

-This suggests that the creation of a mobile site reduces Internet traffic especially when tons of users are trying to access a specific website.


  1. Hard to cover all bases

-Not all phones can easily access mobile websites. This poses a real problem since it is indeed a fact that a particular site won’t be able to serve all types of users due to their mobile unit constraints.

  1. Requires maintenance

-A website won’t be able to attract users and would not be successful if it won’t be updated regularly. And so, this serves as a disadvantage because maintaining a site asks for an enormous amount of time and ideas to be able to be of help to others.

  • Responsive web design

-It is a new method wherein a particular site is coded to become usable to several users with different types of devices. It automatically adjusts its design and content as specified in the handheld device used by the user.


  1. Easy implementation
  2. Easy maintenance


  1. Requires devices to support CSS media queries
  2. Initiates a major re-designing of a site’s layout
  • Mobile App

-It is said to be the user-friendliest among other methods and has the highest success rate. At this point in time, it can be considered as mobile’s newest contribution to society which is also highly in demand nowadays.


  1. Total winner

-Mobile apps perform way better than mobile websites.

  1. Great for branding

                -It enables a company to establish its image and to reach mobile audiences in

                a wide range of network.


  1. Costly
  2. Employs extra effort for the user
  • Local and Social

-Both local and social searches create an advantageous effect for a company. The more searchable it is, the farther and the larger people would it reach. One thing is that it needs a third party, for example, Google Local, which would help a designer to add locations on a site or app.


  1. Cost-effective
  2. Applicable both for desktops and cell phones


  1. Dependent upon a third party platform
  2. Limited flexibility
  • Offer-oriented Mobile Web presence

-For marketing purposes, this enables one to advertise his or her product or business in a larger scale.


  1. Entails low budget
  2. Maintenance is not needed


  1. No assets produced

-After all the promotions and campaigns, nothing would be left except for the clients earned. This is what makes this method different from the rest since the other would have sites or apps that can be redesigned or remodelled.

  1. Short-term branding value

Top Tips for Great Web Design

Online presence is very important for any business in today’s world. Attractive, effective and goal oriented website is a powerful advertising and marketing tool for any business organization. However, developing an effective website is not an easy task. Anyone cannot create such highly effective websites. Only a professional web designing company can help to develop an effective marketing tool for a business firm. There are some good web designing practices to follow. Knowing them will help you to observe the quality of the work which is done by the web designing company you hired.

SEO - Web Design

  • Keep simple and fresh design

The first impression is very important when doing businesses.  Your website should make a very good first impression. It mirrors your brand. Therefore, make sure to develop a simple, but attractive website. The home page of your website should be attractive. It should address what potential customers want to know about your business. Do not overload your home page with too many text contents. Also, make sure to prepare your website to match with different browsers and screen resolutions.

  • Show what you have to offer

Showcasing your products or services to potential customers is very important. Use some clear images to describe what you have to offer. Do not use too many images to display your products or services. They may cause to confuse visitors. Remember, you have only few seconds to make a good impression. Use it wisely.

  • Reduce the loading time

Every people do not have high-speed internet connections. Therefore, the loading time of your website is a crucial factor. Do not use flash animations, many videos and large images that increase the loading time. People do not like to wait even they have the slowest connection in the world. Therefore, arrange graphical contents properly to reduce the loading time.

  • Organize the content

You should organize the website correctly. Clear navigation panel, properly arranged text, audio and visual contents are vital to have an effective website. Make sure to use proper headings and subheadings throughout the site. People can easily find details on your website though effective headlines. Also, include on-site search facility and site map to enhance the visibility of the site content.

  • Use high-quality content

The quality of the content directly affect to the effectiveness and the search engine optimization process of any website. The quality of the content reflects the quality of the website. Make sure to prepare the content with proper keyword density. Also, make sure to keep fresh and updated content on the website.

  • Balance both designing and development processes

Design and development are two different processes. We mainly focus the outlook of the website during the designing process. Color balancing and content arrangements are some activities of the website designing process.   Development ensures the proper functionality of a website. Database connections, content update and backend administration are some activities related to the development process. It is necessary to have accurate design and development processes for an effective website.

  • Select a proper domain name

The domain name is very important to drive traffic to your website. Always try to select a domain name related to your keyword or business name.

Following above tips will help you to design a great website for your business. Therefore, select a web designing company who considers above factors during the process.

Turn Your Site’s Trafic To Profit

The Internet have provided means and ways for you to be more profitable. It’s more easier to be more profitable online. If your website have a lot of traffic and visitors, you can turn this numbers into revenue.

However, as easy as it looks like, converting your website’s traffic into cash can have some stumble blocks along the way. You need to have contents that will spark the interest of your visitors. You should also be able to gain more audience to be able to make more revenue.

Promoting your site can help to gain more visitors. One easy way to do that is to promote your site on social networking sites. Linking your content to your social networking account such as Facebook and Twitter can be of great help. You can also monitor which is trending or not, and use this information to create an article or content that would relate to the trending topic.

As more visitors come to your site, you may want to put advertisements on your website. Google AdSense, Nuffnang or Adbrite can be coded onto your website. Each time your guest would click on the ad links, you will get paid for it. It’s easy to set up an account for these, and once you have been approved, you can start showing their advertisements on your blog and start earning as well.

Depending on the your site’s content, you may want to join an affiliate program. Businesses pay affiliates by just referring or redirecting people to their site. You may also opt to have a sponsored content area. Some businesses are willing to provide content for your site with links that will redirect your audience to their own website.

There are also tools and services online that you can use to increase your revenue. For example, signing up for services for paid surveys and poll, and adding them to your site can help to make your site more profitable. You can also put in premium content on your site or even private forums, where in paid members can only access them. There are also services that offer monetized widgets. They can be in the form of text link ads. Pop-ups, especially exit pop-up can help to increase your profit.

All in all, your site needs to have enough tools and quality contents to keep your audience to come back to your site. As long as you keep the quality of contents on your site, people would refer your site to others, which helps to generate more traffic and more cash.

Joining Pinterest to Expand Marketing Strategies

Another innovation in social networking and marketing using the Internet is Pinterest. It is a website that allows users to make and organize theme-based image compilation based on hobbies, events, interests, and marketing purposes. According to HubSpot, as of January 2012 Pinterest accounts for 3.6% of referral traffic or a 10% more likelihood of users purchasing when referred through them. In the same month, comScore reported that it had 11.7 million users, and it is the fastest site in history to break the 10-million-visitor record.

In the interests of marketing and personal interest, take Daisy’s example. She is a professional photographer who blogs her portfolios for potential clients. She took advantage of Pinterest and the numerous benefits it can bring to her business. While exploring Daisy’s example, here are items that cannot be overlooked when using Pinterest:

1. Images. When a user tries to use Pinterest for the first time it will be very noticeable how the website is highly-dependent on images, photos and videos. This is the foundation of Pinterest – pinning and re-pinning files. The more files are “pinned” and “re-pinned” by other users in their virtual “pinboard”, the more likely that these users’ followers will repeat the cycle of pinning and re-pinning.

Since Daisy is promoting her blog site featuring photography, she makes sure that her photos are eye-catching even if those are made-believe events. Her models are made-up, her locations are breath-taking and the lay-out is beyond great quality. She wants her photos to be pinned by other users, so more exposure for her blog site is gained.

2. Brand. This item should always stand out from the competition. Exposure comes second to the brand name. If users or potential customers are not able to remember your brand, other search results will populate on their search engines or the on-site search dialog box. Remember that once creating a Pinterest URL, it should also be a name that followers can associate with your brand name.

Daisy’s business blog site is called She named her Pinterest URL SayCheeeeezeForDaisy to make it more personal. This allows followers clicking on the images she pinned in her virtual pinboard to be redirected to her website. They can immediately see that it was the owner of the blog site whom they are following and not a make-believe account. The next time these users search for photography-related business it is more likely that they search for the ones who gained their confidence.

3. Link. There are so many other networking websites that can be linked with Pinterest. A user can choose to notify friends and followers in Facebook and Twitter respectively, when they upload something in their pinboards. Always keep in mind that accounts under one brand should be consistent in how the brand is described in every link made. This gives way to one name the brand is only associated with, so when potential customers search for it over the internet, they will be always redirected to the original source of the pinned images.

Daisy uses hash tags when she wants to pin her images using her Twitter account. She always use #SayCheeeezeForDaisy so anyone who views the discussion under this hash tag will very well see the source blog site. In Facebook she uses description that reflects her brand name whenever she provides captions for the photos. Originally, when her users view her pinboard in Pinterest, it all has the branding at one part or another.

4. Personality. In Pinterest, virtual pinboards is like the eye of the brand. It reflects every single detail of what the brand is all about in that category. It is very important that pinboards are presented in a way that relates to the brand itself.

Daisy and her staff sorts their pinboards based on their marketing strategy. Her pinboards range from potential locations for an event to the physical lay-out of an invitation, so she can fully market her photography business depending on the needs of a client. She even pins photos of behind-the-scenes just to show that these images are made from serious passion for the art.

5. “Pin it!” This button should appear from the source website or article where the pinned images originally came from. If users see this button in the source website or article, they can use the button to save that pin in their Favorite Pins. Consequently, the content these users pinned can be found outside Pinterest, and can also be re-pinned when they log in to their Pinterest accounts.

On her business blog site, Daisy downloaded the “Pin it!” button, so the contents of her homepage can be easily pinned by viewers. Sometimes, she is surprised when she accepts an invitation from a user and this user already has pinned her items from her different pinboards.

6. Pinners. There are pinners, or those who already joined Pinterest, who could share the same interest in what a user is already doing. Find relevant pinners who can boost your network, and benefit from the level of exposure this can do to a business.

Daisy wants to expand her network, but is also cautious about eliminating competition. She follows pinners whom she can interact with regarding event planning and coordination. She follows those who are engaged in catering, formal wear and so many more. There is no telling how many potential customers can view her pins, and who can do business with her in the future.

7. Ownership. It is very important that each image, photo or video that is pinned is branded, literally speaking. There should be logo or a trademark that tells the entire World Wide Web it is someone else’s property.
Even when the embedded link on a file is removed due to some reasons, Daisy makes sure that her SayCheeeeeze logo is set on the background of every file she pins. It looks like a faded logo in gray-scale color, which does not affect the quality of the image.

8. Rates. Rates matter for a brand to gain more exposure in the realm of Internet. A brand-owner should have the means of measuring if a particular marketing strategy works or not. One way to measure it is using the Click-through method.

Daisy took advantage of the fact that when users click on her pinboard, they would be redirected to a live link that usually pops out a new window. She wants to make sure that someday her name will be listed as one of the Tastemakers in Pinterest to gain more exposure for her business.

9. Online presence. Followers should see a user’s online activity in the website to ensure that they keep coming back for feedback. Not only does this guarantee a good click-though rate, but it also boosts their confidence that every activity is authentic. As a follower, they can pride on their feedback being needed and that level of business relationship will open more opportunities.

Daisy regularly comments on files pinned by her followers especially if she has professional feedback to offer. She joins conversations related to her pinboards and appreciates feedback and compliments. She also assigns a staff to monitor the accounts related to her Pinterest login to make sure that every question or comments are heard of and acted upon.

10. Innovation. It is logical to study a targeted market’s preference every now and then to find out latest trends. Always check trending items incorporate that in a strategy that will gain exposure. Pinners will be more likely to check another pinner’s pinboard regularly if there is always something there to surprise them. Changes are good every once in a while to ensure that pins with exuberant content are pinned and re-pinned.

Daisy aims for her brand to be named as a Tastemaker in Pinterest. Her pinboards are updated regularly and presented in a way that is similar to a popular TV series’ season finale, a famous chick-flick movie or a famous sports event. Her models for a photo-shoot will still lay-out scenes depending on a make-believe event but her followers will definitely be able to relate it to something else popular because she innovates every now and then.

11. Analysis. There are a number of free system tools that can be downloaded to take advantage of interpreting the results of a market strategy. At the end of the day, anyone can create a brand and perform every executable study to make it work, but the results needed to be interpreted. This is the only logical way to rule out theory in a strategy, so costs can be eliminated and more income can be generated.

Daisy has found out that through Pinterest, her business blog site earned so many views, and it resulted to her sales scaling up to almost 28% compared to the previous quarter. She utilizes to pins that has links to her blog site. She can also determine who is pinning what. While using Pinerly, she also found out the activities of the content pages where files are pinned with. It details the posting times, and even assists in enhancing the same exact contents.

Penguin 1.1 is Now Live

What does Penguin 1.1 mean to you? Well, it’s some sort of Google update that can once again make or break you. Webmasters have been revising their SEO strategies to cope with these changes. Some are working on link removal campaigns while others are trimming their keyword-stuffed content.

The first Penguin algo data refresh is known to affect less than 0.1% of English searches. However, it’s impact on SERP can be sometimes alarming to webmasters.  There are those people who suddenly dropped their rankings. Unfortunately, there’s nothing else they can do about it unless they try to please Google. And how would you please someone who you don’t really know? For a start, dealing with these changes can be easy if you understand and follow Google TOS. And one no-brainer thing to do is to write what you love.

Focus on your content, not on backlinking. I mean, not yet. Focus on something that you’re passionate about because it means a lifetime income. No matter how many times Google updates its algorithing, as long as you love what you’re writing, no one can stopped you since you’re writing for you and your readers sake and not just for the search engine. And this Penguin update loves that part. It is more on the natural flow of the content and not manipulated keyword-stuffed posts.

The Google Penguin Update

Before it was Google Panda, now it is about Google Penguin. Haven you heard the latest about it? Well, the emphasis is on over optimization. It also covers web spam and empty content pages.

So whatever website you are managing or trying to optimize it is better to know what this Google Penguin update is all about to minimize impact. The first argument is about spam versus over optimization. This happens a lot on SEO websites alone compared to dating sites like Wokingham dating website. Money-making sites also have a tough competition in the first page. I’ve read in one forum, the Warrior Forum that the number one spot is actually an empty page – no posts. How did it happen? Hopefully, the most recent Google Penguin update can fix it and drop its ranking especially that it is of no significant value to users.

Since this is just a new update, it would be helpful if all of us can provide feedback about it.

Coping with Google Changes

With the continuous changes in Google algorithm, do you think your site can keep up with it? Will you able to improve your ranking? Just keep this in mind, not all of Google’s changes affect your rankings. But there are still important things to do to comply with the new set of rules and deal with some changes.

The first thing that you have to review is the anchor text. You have to make some necessary tweaking. Make use of different keywords to link your sites instead of using a single anchor text all through out. Overusing anchor text would send wrong signals to GoogleBot.

It is also important to know the right way of handling queries both for navigational and local intent. If you are trying to promote a local business, having it listed on Google Places will greatly help since it will increase its online visibility.

Google Places

You can also consider adding specific tags for the images used since Google have already improved the image search feature. And as for the content, always make sure that it is relevant to the overall them of your website. Quality content gets indexed better than gibberish ones.

Utilizing the social media will also help a lot. Installing plugins that can increase your site exposure on social network is highly recommended.